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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taiwan’s Legal Status

If you are discussing Taiwan’s legal status, don’t miss this article by Jerome A. Cohen, first published by the South China Morning Post, and with  a pdf of a China Times translation into Chinese (fantizi).



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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Concerning China Radio International (CRI)

The following is information provided by China Radio International (CRI) in Chinese, about its English and German programs – the info is probably directed at Chinese-speaking listeners, potential advertisers or sponsors.

About CRI English

The English Global Broadcasting Center (English Worldwide) broadcasts daily on shortwave, medium wave, FM, and the internet, broadcasting all kinds of news and information.

英语环球广播中心(CRI English Worldwide)每天通过短波、中波、调频以及网络向全球广播或发布各类新闻资讯。

Foreign English broadcasts opened on September 11, 1947, and while there were only ten minutes of broadcasting at the beginning, it has now developed into a rich program, rolling out global broadcasts without interruption, day and night, covering about 2.85 billion people. The accumulated daily broadcasting time is more than 150 hours per day. Currently, the English programs also reach more than forty cities worldwide through medium wave and FM (nearly 40 broadcasting hours combined), directly reaching the mainstream communities there. Daily English broadcasts reach 6.5 program hours daily.

对外英语广播开办于1947年9月11日, 虽然开播之初每天播出的节目只有10分钟,现已发展成为节目源丰富、昼夜不间断滚动播出的全球广播,覆盖人口约28.5亿,日累计播出时间达到150个小 时以上。 目前,英语节目还通过国外40余个城市的中波和调频电台落地(日累计播出时间近40个小时),直接进入当地主流社区。英语广播每天首播节目达 6.5小时。

As there are audiences from very different countries, Western developed countries and third-world developing countries alike, with different historical backgrounds, geographical environments, political, economic and social developments and situations, as well as cultural customs, religious beliefs, etc, very different degrees of understanding of China exist. However, what they have in common is that they are all very interested in China’s history and culture, economic development, and social progress. They don’t settle for understanding China from their own countries’ media, but hope to get to know and to understand China by listening to a Chinese station. With the rapid growth of China’s comprehensive national strength, its international position and rapid rise, the international community’s and broad audience’s degree of attention is also rising.

对外英语广播的听众来自不同国度,既有西方发达国家,也有第三世界发展中国家,其历史背景、地理环境、政治、经济和社会发展状况,以及文化习俗、宗教信仰 等方面各不相同,对中国的了解程度存在很大差异。但他们有一个共同特点,即对中国历史文化,经济发展和社会进步饶有兴趣。他们不满足仅仅通过本国媒体了解 中国,而是希望通过收听中国电台来认识中国,了解中国。随着中国综合国力的迅速增长以及国际地位和影响力的迅猛提升,国际社会和广大听众对中国的关注程度 也越来越高。

In the mid-1980s, the 91.5 MHZ Easy-FM frequency became fashionable throughout Beijing, with loyal listeners particularly among the white-collar class. Easy FM’s high-quality English-language news reporting, its bilingual Sino-English music programs, and its lively foreign-language course program enjoyed a high reputation among the listeners. Beijing’s 91.5 Easy-FM programs are partly or completely rebroadcast by other cities’ broadcasting stations, like Shanghai on 87.9 FM, Lhasa on 105.7 FM, Dalian on 81.9 FM, Hefei on 92.4 FM, and in Chengde on 96.7 FM.

91.5轻松调频于上世纪80年代中期开始风靡整个京城,尤其在白领阶层中拥有大批忠实的听众。轻松调频高质量的英语新闻报道,富有特色的中英双语音乐节 目,以及生动活泼的外语教学节目在听众中享有很高的声誉。北京91.5轻松调频的节目全部或部分在其他城市电台转播,如上海87.9FM,拉萨 105.7FM,大连81.9FM,合肥92.4FM,承德96.7FM。

Since its inception in 1998, English International Online has become a news and current affairs channel, and with online broadcasting as a particular feature, it has become a comprehensive website with financial news, culture, sports, lifestyle information, online learning, interactive resources, etc. Practice has shown that the English-language website’s establishment and development have become an extension, and that it has greatly strengthened China Radio International’s influence.

国际在线英语网自1998年创建以来,已形成了以时政新闻频道为龙头,以在线广播为特色,以财经、文化、体育、生活资讯、在线教学、互动资源等频道为补充 的综合性网站。实践证明,英语网的建设和发展,已成为英语广播的延伸和扩展,也大大加强了中国国际广播电台的影响力。

CRI English Worldwide receives more than 100,000 letters from listeners and readers annually.


There are currently 140 employees at CRI English Worldwide, 19 of who hold senior posts. Twelve of them are foreign professionals. About ten people study or work (as foreign correspondents) abroad every year.


About CRI German

China Radio International’s (CRI) German broadcasts officially started on April 15, 1960. Currently, there are eleven hours of broadcasting*) daily, through shortwave, through British company World Radio Network’s (WRN) 1440 kHz Luxemburg medium wave frequency, 97.2 MHZ FM in the Berlin area, and via satellite. The program basically covers the German-speaking areas in Europe.


The German program includes news, current affairs, Beijing Hotline, listeners’ mailbox, life in China, economics, Chinese culture, traveling China, science, sports, China Kaleidoscope as well as music programs, etc. In addition to reporting significant domestic and international events, the German program also informs the listeners about circumstances and situations in China, and the friendly exchanges between China and German-speaking regions. Some of these programs are profoundly welcomed by the audience, are quite influential, and some have won awards in domestic reviews.

德语节目由新闻、时事、北京专线、听众信箱、华夏生活、经济大观、中国文化、神州行、科教卫、体育世界、中国万花筒以及音乐节目等组成。除了向 听众报道国内、国际大事以外德语节目还向听众介绍中国各个方面的情况以及中国和德语地区国家的友好往来。这些节目有的在听众中深受欢迎,影响较大,有的在 国内广播节目评比中多次获得大奖。

In 1998, CRI’s German-language website was among the first batch that went officially online. Besides all kinds of news, special reports, expertise, the German website also puts all foreign programs online.


The number of listeners and website visitors from all over the world, the number of letters listeners and readers write, and website traffic, are continually rising. In 2004, the German-language department received a total of almost 25,000 letters from listeners and readers.


The German department is a vigorous team, doing a formidable job. They have shown outstanding performance in major reporting, and earned themselves praise and awards. Several times, they have been named an advanced collective within CRI, and the party branch has also been named an advanced party branch within the broadcaster. In 2003, the Ministry of Personnel  and the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT) awarded them the National Broadcasting, Film, and Television System Advanced Collective” title.




*) this probably refers to broadcasting hours – there seems to be a two-hour format, repeatedly broadcast over the a/m frequencies.



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