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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party Decision Concerning Deepening Cultural Structural Reform

One day after I had posted the sixth installment of my “Decision” translation (see headline of this post), a complete (as far as I can see) translation went online at China Copyright and Media, a blog run by a sworn translator of the Chinese language at the Courts of Hasselt and Leuven  (the Netherlands).

I’m feeling no temptation to continue my own series of translation (there would have been another quarter of the document to be translated here), but I think it has been a good training, as far as the nomenclature is concerned – to lighten things up, I translated some older cultural.-soft-power documents along the way, and knowing the way the CCP refers to these issues has been useful.

You may either enjoy comparing the two translations now, and make me aware of contradictions between them, or you may simply use the translation there as a source of information. I’m not going to compare all of my translation to date with Rogier Creemers‘, (the China Copyright and Media blogger), but I’ll probably do so when making use of certain paragraphs of the central committee document in new contexts.

My (incomplete) translation series, from October to February:

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