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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ge Xun: a Bunch of Flowers and an Email Address from the State Security

In a phone interview on Monday from his home in Fremont, Calif., Mr. Ge described how the agents, infuriated by his assertion that bloggers in the United States were volunteers and not government-sponsored agitators, demanded that he turn over his Twitter password. When he refused, two of them unleashed a torrent of kicks and punches that lasted 30 minutes, he said. “The more they beat me, the less I felt like cooperating,” he said.


A few hours later, en route to the airport, he said, he endured another brief beating after refusing to hand over his laptop for one final inspection. Once at the terminal, they returned his camera and recording device, although the contents had been erased. They also handed back the bouquet of flowers he had planned to give to Ms. Ding.

As Mr. Ge limped away in pain, he said, the lead interrogator, Wang Jie, reminded him that the entire episode was a “national secret.” The agent also scribbled down an e-mail address and told him to send a note the next time he came to town. (An e-mail sent to the address seeking comment was not answered on Monday.)

New York Times, Febr 13, 2012

Dissidents report that such treatment is commonplace for Chinese citizens. And while China has undertaken to follow international norms in dealing with foreigners, the police have begun to ignore those norms with impunity. That’s particularly so when it comes to foreign citizens of Chinese descent.

Wall Street Journal, Febr 14, 2012



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