An Update to my Blogging Rules…

According to people who should know, I’m a comparatively slow (and thorough) reader, and a comparatively fast writer, at least on the keyboard. I’m not that fast when it comes to pushing the publishing button, and usually, there’s at least one draft waiting to be finished. But some mysterious key combination may lead to “publishing” here. It has happened before.

Now, there’s the “stop” button on the browser. Just in time, I thought, as the post didn’t appear on my blog after all. However, its trackbacks arrived on my side menu – and it arrived on Echo Taiwan‘s feed reader.

Echo Taiwan feedreader

Echo Taiwan feedreader

So, if the post arrived in any subscriber’s feed reader, too, and if this is what you got when clicking the link,

don’t be angry. In future, I’ll use an editor to write my drafts, and only use WordPress once I’ve finished the post.

Unless you can give me a clue which key combination leads to the unwanted publishing function, that is. I’m typing too fast to realize.


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