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Friday, February 10, 2012

Enorth/CNR/DebkaFile: “Foreign Troops in Homs”

Enorth (Tianjin), February 2, 2010 –

According to China National Radio’s Central Broadcasting News, quoting Qatar’s Al-Jazeera Television of February 9,  the Syrian military continued its crackdown against centers of conflict in Homs for the fifth consecutive day, from early in the morning. At the same time, the West was producing its “plan B”, aimed at the Syrian problem.


Okay, there America and other Western countries, bypassing the United Nations and the framework of the security council, with a so-called “plan B”, for solving the Syrian problem. Reportedly, the first step of “plan B” will be to completely block and besiege Syria, and in addition to diplomacy, carry out “wanton and indiscriminate humanitarian bombing” against Syria, to shake the Syrian authorities’ political confidence and foundations, such as all of them withdrawing their ambassadors, and expressing “vocal opposition, in speech and writing”, etc. The second step is to support Syrian opposition, to secretly or even openly provide oppositionals with arms, and to intensify their showdown with the government forces. In a third step, a “humanitarian corridor” is to be established in Syria, casting the shadows of possible military intervention.


According to Israel’s “DebkaFile” website, special troops from Qatar and Britain have infiltrated Homs, providing training and advice for armed opposition there, and to guide Western air assaults that may follow. During the war in Libya last year, it was exactly such special Western forces landing within Libyan borders to start similar activities there. Concerning this, Russian foreign ministry spokesman Lukashevich said that Russia would check and verify the news from Israel, which were “deeply worrying”.


According to Al-Jazeera on February 9, Turkey could become the “vanguard” of strikes against Syria. In accordance with a request from Turkish prime minister Erdogan, Russian president had a phone conversation with him and explained all Russian efforts to promote dialog and democratization in Syria. Reportedly, Turkey is currently preparing an international conference concerning the Syrian problem.



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