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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Standing Tall: Ich bin ein Pyongyanger

Just when you think that you may get away without double-digit sub-zero temperatures, winter catches up with you after all.

Now, that's surprising

Now, that's surprising.

Only bits of snow, but it will probably stay around for another ten days – with some chance though that it will become milder after full moon on February 7, if you believe in that rule.

In the news

A peace accord is not near between Taiwan and China, believes the Taipei Times, and cites a number of reasons as to why it isn’t. But as Niels Bohr is said to have said, prediction is very difficult, especially if it is about the future. I’m ot so sure that – if the issue should impose itself, or be imposed -, the KMT government would hold a referendum, simply because Ma mentioned that option last year. A referendum proposal, umm, may simply not meet the qualification, as we learned in 2010.

Adam Cathcart sees North Korea standing tall even after revolutions elsewhere in 2011 – which makes me wonder about what’s the definition of standing tall, and which reminds me of a discussion I once had with a compatriot from East Berlin in a Chinese pub:

Berliner: Berliners have the biggest mouths in Germany.
JR: You joined the Hero City of Leipzig pretty late in the Peaceful Revolution…
Berliner: As I said, we have the biggest mouths. And in Berlin, everything was available. Leipzig had nothing.

So, I can see how East Berlin was standing tall. But do the North Koreans have everything? It’s easier to see that China is standing tall. Adam adds info about the Berlin transmediale, too, and on a Hong Kong University professor’s research. Don’t miss the Potency and Protest on the Chinese Internet illustration on her blog  – soft power over Tian An Men.

Hu Cheng, a freelance writer and photographer, took a walk through Shanghai’s old urban area (老城厢), in an autumn-like atmosphere as temperatures had dropped significantly (that was in September last year, but he only posted his photos and impressions now).

Eric Fish quotes Chinese friends,

Most Chinese people don’t care about things like freedom of speech. They just want stability and food in their stomach. Things have gotten so much better in the past 20 years, so these chaotic freedoms would be a stupid risk,

and himself,

You’ve never been totally screwed with absolutely no recourse.



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