Deutsche Welle – JR’s Chronological Link Collection

This blog’s main topic is China – and if I had thought of sub-topics, it would probably have been the economy, or translations from the Chinese press. Deutsche Welle‘s (or the Voice of Germany‘s) Chinese department only appeared on my radar screen about a month after the first open letter to German federal parliament had started to make (small) waves in the German press.

But no story has kept me as curious since – and given that Deutsche Welle is no mainstream topic, it might be just the right topic for a small blog. My interest in China goes far beyond the Welle, but as long as there is no comprehensive debate about the station’s or website’s Chinese department – one that would include the Welle itself, as a participant -, this blog will try to provide a makeshift substitute for such a debate. It would be nice if I could run this topic in German and Chinese, as well, but that would go beyond what I can do. English may be a compromise.

I’ve found out that the best use for it is as a sort of log book of what I thought about something in particular at a particular time, Foarp said in a BoZhu interview in November. But that requires a somewhat systematic approach – one that goes beyond tagging and categorizing. So here it is: JR’s chronological link collection. They are all links to my own posts, but the key words are taking care of the listed posts’ external links, too. Making a link collection about external sources will be a task for another day.

Chinese dissidents’ complaints about Deutsche Welle’s Chinese department November 2008 »
Key words: Zhang Danhong, Zhou Derong, Epoch Times, Huanqiu Shibao, Lutz Rathenow, Frank Sieren
German China scientists, publicists and politicians defend Zhang Danhong) in an open letter; in another open letter,  authors, legislators (from Hong Kong) and researchers criticize the defenders. November 2008 »
Key words: Hans-Peter Bartels, Georg Blume, Chiao Wei, Herta Däubler-Gmelin, Johnny Erling, Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer, Günter Grass, Thomas Heberer, Sebastian Heilmann, Hanjo Kesting;
Albert Ho, Emily Lau, Tsering Woeser, Harry Wu
Zeng Jinyan wins Deutsche Welle blog award November 2008 »
Key words: Zeng Jinyan
Chinese departments translations from German reports are re-translated, Zhang Danhong has an interview with herself, and department head Matthias von Hein is moved to the central editorial department January 2009 »
Key words: Erik Bettermann, Matthias von Hein, Ulrich Wickert, Zhang Danhong
German Media Prize for Dalai Lama, and a DW interview with Kelsang Gyaltsen, the Dalai Lama’s representative in Europe. February 2009 »
Key words: coverage, Dalai Lama, Kelsang Gyaltsen, Tibet, Li Baodong
DW turns from German to foreign listeners; DW director general demands more funding. February 2009 »
Key words: Erik Bettermann, Global Media Forum
Zhang Danhong remains in the (Chinese) news March 2009 »
Key words: Chinese press, Günter Grass, Zhang Danhong
Probe still in progress? DW’s quality test March 2009 »
Key words: Matthias von Hein, Hu Xingdou, Zhang Danhong
DW Chinese department acquitted March 2009 »
Key words: Erik Bettermann, Georg Blume, Freimut Duve, Hans Leyendecker, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Ulrich Wickert
Dissenting voices, lack of trust (signatures for Martin Jahnke?) April 2009 »
Key words: Wang Rongfen
Foreign broadcasters and their critics: “One shouldn’t simply imply that the broadcaster wants to sit the problem out.” May 2009 »
Key words: BBC, JR quotes, Barry Sautman, procedures
Kofi Owusu attends Voice of Germany‘s 2nd Global Media Forum in Bonn June 2009 »
Key words: Global Media Forum
New head for Chinese service July 2009 »
Key words: Adrienne Woltersdorf
Urumqi party secretary sacked September 2009 »
Key words: coverage
Perception and Reality – Frankfurt Book Fair September 2009 »
Key words: coverage
Global local sticks tv, and external expertise October 2009 »
Key words: Roland Berger
Too correct to be turned back February 2010 »
Key words: coverage, Feng Zhenghu
Dorks on Duty April 2010 »
Key words: Volker Bräutigam, Henryk M. Broder, Ma Canrong, Neue Rheinische Zeitung
Xu Pei and the Dirty Old Men May 2010 »
Key words: Wolf Biermann, Günter Grass, Xu Pei, Mo Yan, Zhang Danhong,
All highly quotable May 2010 »
Key words: Georg Blume
Kadeer: Taiwan is a free country July 2010 »
Key words: coverage, Rebiya Kadeer, Taiwan, Raela Tosh
Kosovo status July 2010 »
Key words: coverage
Arnulf Kolstad confirms Xinhua interview October 2010 »
Key words: coverage
Li Keqiang’s Germany visit January 2011 »
Key words: coverage
Just another German review of the Chinese press January 2011 »
Key words: coverage
DW reshuffles – freelancer at Chinese department loses contract April 2011 »
Key words: industrial relations
The too-friendly maikefeng April 2011 »
Key words: Ai Weiwei, Wolfgang Kubin, censorship, Neru Kaneah
DW cuts shortwave, targets “opinion leaders” May 2011 »
Key words: opinion leaders (mind the footnote)
JR’s searchword service May 2011 »
Key words: Chinese press
Huanqiu wades into the details May 2011 »
Key words: Chinese press
Come on, let’s twist again May 2011 »
Key words: Chinese press, Wei Jingsheng, Neru Kaneah, Jörg Rudolph, Taiwan
Dutch Values: another broadcaster bites the dust June 2011 »
Key words: Erik Bettermann, Jan Hoek
Foreign office “Africa Concept”: universal values, competing interests July 2011 »
Key words: business, diplomacy, soft power
Changes at DW Chinese department – JR turns to science December 2011 »
Key words: Chinese press, Song Luzheng, Wang Fengbo
But aren’t you an ally of the government? December 2011 »
Key words: Liu Xiaobo, Tilman Spengler
Deutsche Welle: negotiations with politics December 2011 »
Key words: Manfred Kops, Christian Michalek
“Soft power”: comparing China and Europe (a benign Chinese look on DW) January 2012 »
Key words: He Zengke, soft power
End of the radio era at DW January 2012 »
Key words: Valentin Schmidt
Yiwu court hearing: no way to treat a diplomat January 2012 »
Key words: coverage
Hu Jia questioned, Yu Jie leaves China January 2012 »
Key words: coverage
DW on Yu Jie: Sudden flight January 2012 »
Key words: coverage
Advocacy journalism is not the problem (interview) January 2012 »
Key words: Wang Fengbo, Matthias von Hein, soft power, Adrienne Woltersdorf, Neue Rheinische Zeitung, Jörg M. RudolphZhang Danhong
He who pays the piper January 2012 »
Key words: see comments


Updates / Related

» Werte und Interessen, Deutsche Welle, Febr 3, 2012
» Redesigned Website, Deutsche Welle, Febr 2, 2012


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