Blogging between the Seasons

This has been a mild winter so far – it felt like fall in November and December, and spring has been in the air for much of this month. It still is, despite the first snow of this winter that fell last week. Most of it melted away, before it started freezing again, yesterday afternoon. After two unusually cold and snowy winters in 2009/10 and 2010/11, I’ve heard nobody complain about too little snow yet, not even around Christmas. In normal years, complaints of that kind would be essential bits of smalltalk.

Between the seasons

Between the seasons

I’m spending no less time at blogging than before, but I’m taking more input than usual – reading, exchanging e-mails, and writing offline to prepare posts. The good thing is that I’ve translated about two thirds of the CCP central committee’s “cultural document” so far, so there’s land ahoy in that field.

Anyway, my posting frequency will remain somewhat lower than usual, during the coming weeks.

3 Responses to “Blogging between the Seasons”

  1. Nice Picture. Reminds me of something.
    Good work last year!
    One good reason for beeing optimistic about the future is that there are people out there who write blogs like this one.


  2. Ha! Comment of the month! But it’s no wonder that the photo looks familiar to you. It’s a classical agri-business cooperative calender visual-motif.



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