Zhidao.Baidu: Why do all German Stars sing in English?

Q: Why do all German stars sing in English?

Q: 为什么德国都唱英文歌 难道它们歧视母语么..
2011-7-10 22:38

A: It’s because Germany’s cultural attractiveness doesn’t work, and they therefore have to do it this way. The key is that at the top, they don’t attach much importance to cultural development, and a long-term deficit exists there. One can’t blame individual stars; this deficit began long before they were born, and they can’t reverse that individually. However, for Germans to sing in English isn’t as much a loss of face as for Chinese; and Germans can actually argue to be of common origins with the English language. That’s not the case between China and English at all, but in the charts, many themes are in English, or the lyrics contain a lot of English language.

A (热心网友):
2011-7-12 05:54

Da, da, da…

Trio, 1982

9 Comments to “Zhidao.Baidu: Why do all German Stars sing in English?”

  1. Did you recognize Annette Humpe in this video?


  2. Yep – seems that Krawinkel killed Codo after all, with simple technology.


  3. Ahhh, the late 70’s, golden era of German electronic music . . . . which British New Wave bands like Ultravox, Joy Division, and Spandau Ballet then shamelessly copied in a theft of cultural heritage rivaling the sacking of the Summer Palace, or something . . . .


  4. The comments underneath that Passions video are pretty similar to those about DÖF – “they don’t make music like that anymore”, “kids music these days is shit”, etc..

    If someone had told them in the 1980s that they’d end up writing these kinds of comments, they’d have looked at you in disbelief (because that would have been their grandfathers). Everything has a season (but Rosenstolz and Silbermond are shit, anyway.

    Fortunately, there are songs of lasting value – like Udo Lindenberg.


  5. I know who she was singing about.


  6. Prochnow or Grönemeyer?


  7. JR – I think you just missed the Sonderzug Nach Pankow. And Yes, if I ever start talking that kind of “modern music is crap” nonsense, I hope someone will just do the decent thing and shoot me.

    They’re right about Steve Wright though, fountain of knowledge though he is.


  8. Is this really true for the last 15 years, too? I am German and most of what I have in my iTunes is in German. Element of Crime, Zweiraumwohnung, Tocotronic, Kettcar, Wir sind Helden, Annett Lousian, Seed, Ich + Ich, Anajo, Fettes Brot, Polarkreis 18, Rosenstolz… OMG, the list will get boring if I continue. There are a lot of vintage artists, too, who sang in German, like Nena, to mention just the most famous one.


  9. I’m not really fond of Rosenstolz, and Silbermond is all ächz, stöhn, sigh, whine to me (from what I’ve heard on the radio). But as I said, I’m sure that everything has a season. I’m just not trying to catch up with it.

    This stuff is nice (just found out how you embedded the videos, Taide):

    Update: This is what happens when Youtube has to ban all kinds of content because of copyright issues. The user seems to have uploaded something, umm, different afterwards. Sexist stuff (if you ask me) and up to you if you want to run the video.

    And Nena, of course. Past and present.


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