Hu Jia questioned by Police, Yu Jie said to have left China

Hu Jia‘s (胡佳) and Zeng Jinyan‘s (曾金燕) home was raided by police on Wednesday evening, according to the Telegraph, and Hu was summoned to questioning at a Beijing police station on Thursday morning. Details there. The same report quotes friends of dissident Chinese writer Yu Jie (余杰) – the author of a critical appraisal of Premier Wen Jiabao – as saying that Yu has fled to the United States with his family.

According to Deutsche Welle‘s (Voice of Germany) Chinese department, Yu left for the U.S., and informed Independent Pen Center chairwoman Liao Qianqi (廖天琪, I believe she lives in Germany) shortly before his departure from China. Yu is said to temporarily stay at a friend’s home in Virginia. According to the Welle report, Yu had been put under house arrest when returning from a previous stay in America, in October 2011*). According to Deutsche Welle, news had spread that Yu had been tortured (or brutally been manhandled – the term 酷刑 or kù xíng used by the broadcaster appears to be somewhat ambiguous –  2010年10月,刘晓波获得诺贝尔和平奖后,余杰自10月14日从美国回到中国后即受到中国警方的软禁,他曾接受德国之声的采访详细叙述他的遭遇,其后,他被迫噤声,有消息传出他遭到酷刑).



*) This quote may refer to October 2010, rather than 2011


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3 Responses to “Hu Jia questioned by Police, Yu Jie said to have left China”

  1. The dissidents in China may be far more important to the long-term future of Taiwan than either the DPP or the KMT.



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