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Monday, December 19, 2011

Chinese coverage on Kim Jong-il’s Death

A cobbler should stick to his last, they say. This blog may be no shining example for this motto, but Kim Jong-il‘s death, plus speculation, is extensively reported everywhere, and I don’t believe that I can add a lot of meaningful information here.

But to commemorate the old gangsta, who reportedly presided over the death of some two million people soon after succeeding his holy father in 1994 (due to ill-judged economic reforms and poor harvests), here is a historical icon:

Another boring Day at the Supreme Commander's Office

Another boring Day at the Supreme Commander’s Office

Let’s hope that he won’t soon be missed for his, umm, restraint.

From Sichuan Province, China, Adam Cathcart is logging Chinese coverage on Kim’s death, plus updates, in this (probably only initial) blogpost.

The tag to follow there should be North Korea.

For some more folksy reactions in China, there’s a random collection on Sinostand.



» Voice of Korea, JR’s Soundfiles, recorded Dec 19, 2011
[Update, Dec 23, 2012: soundfile now removed. Please contact me by email or comment if you are interested in the soundfile – JR
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