Closer to Mother Nature

Dear Hunters,

I’m almost sure that you have shot more game from this raised blind,


Raised blind

Option 1


than from that one:

Raised blind (big)

Option 2

Don’t know why, but if I were part of the fauna, I’d stay far away from the second one. Very far away from it. If I had to pass by at all, I’d walk by behind it, in the woods, and not across the glades.

The only reason I can see to reach so high is that you have more time to hide your Jagd-Schluck and pop some chewing-gum before your ladies have reached the door into your comfy loft.

The good thing is that from that far above, you are more likely to hit Mother Earth, than joggers, bicyclists, or tractors.



» Up High to Shoot, German Hunting, March 30, 2010
» Brutal Poachers in Baden, Tai De, February 21, 2010


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