In Praise of the Times and the People: the Good and Respectable Market Stall Operator

Wang Chaohua (Shangqiu Ribao, click picture for source)

Wang Chaohua (Shangqiu Ribao, click picture for source)

A scroll is hanging at the food market, and it reads “Good and respectable Wang Chaohua (王超华), all marketers should learn from you”.

Henan Cultural Industry Network (Henan CI, 河南文化产业网) describes Wang as a poor market stall operator who, on his way to his stall, hours before the crack of dawn, found a briefcase with 6,000 Yuan RMB in it along the road, and then waited in the cold wind for hours so as to hand the lost property back to its owner. Netizens s nationwide are discussing his great virtue (引发全国网友的道德大讨论), writes Henan CI.

It wasn’t money I earned myself, and had I spent it, I would have felt uncomfortable (不是俺挣的钱,花着心里肯定不舒服),

Wang is quoted, and a description of his family’s (his wife and their six-year-old son)  uncomfortable living conditions is added.

“If you were a poor market vendor with a monthly family income of 2,000 Yuan, and found a briefcase with 6,250 Yuan, and important documents in it, which choice would you make?”, Henan CI asks, rhetorically.

The answer is obvious:

Wang Chaohua, the greengrocer from Shijiazhuang, chose to wait in the cold. He stomped to warm his feet, and raised his collar. After six hours, the owner still hadn’t passed by, but after many setbacks, the briefcase was finally restored to its owner.

To cut a long story short, Wang took the briefcase to the market manager, who found 6,250 Yuan, an ID card, a passport, and more than twenty bank cards in it, and they went to Zhuodong Police Station with the briefcase and its finder.

Wang was lucky – the owner of the briefcase, a certain Mr. Du (杜), didn’t claim that the briefcase had originally contained, say, 10,000 Yuan. Maybe he, too, was an honest man. Or maybe he understood right away that the whole Lei-Feng circus was now in full swing, and that the trend had become irresistible.

Either way, Old Wang and his family, grief- and misery-stricken like Job, become a happy family again, as Wang becomes a model citizen of Shijiazhuang, and Wang’s stall fees for the coming six months – some 5,000 Yuan – are waived by the market management.

And given that Wang is now a model citizen, cadres from near and far announce their support for his family’s livelihood. The internet is in awe of his virtue (the Henan CI article contains a long review of online comments). Yanzhao Evening News (燕赵晚报), Hebei Television, Shijiazhuang Television and Henan CI report his story, which in turn attracts CCTV’s, and China Youth’s (中国青年报) attention. Even IFeng (Phoenix TV, Hong Kong) joins the media blitz.

They are all singing the praises of the era and the people, and draw on the material provided by societal life.

If Wang Chaohua’s story is true, he couldn’t have found the briefcase at a better time.



The Henan CI webpage is currently not available. The police station named in the report (卓东派出所) also features prominently in an Epoch Times article. Probably coincidentally (but who knows), there’s a Mr. Du (and his wife) playing a role in that article,  as Falun Gong practitioners.

The character seems to be the same – see 卓东派出所抓捕了老杜夫妇 here.



» 顶着月光出发 伴着星星回家 (photo story), Sohu, Nov 14, 2011


5 Responses to “In Praise of the Times and the People: the Good and Respectable Market Stall Operator”

  1. Great piece, JR. This must be the Wang Fei (sic) role model Version 2011 spearheading the campaign against greed, anti-responsibility and the addiction to Western name brands.

    I don’t know how you put this piece together without collapsing into a heap of laughter, smirks and jeering.

    Anyway, it had the desired effect here in tubbyland.

    I am now going to live a life beyond reproach, and will also abandon my crass materialism and love of schadenfreude.


  2. I’m confident that reading my blog will make you a better person. Btw, I’m sure the CCP founding fathers earned themselves top marks while they were students at those foreign missionary schools.


  3. JR. I feel cleansed. Am a totally new person. Wish I could give you a New Testament quote to prove it, but was a rotten biblical student too busy working out how girls viewed the world, and was a total failure in consequence.

    Thanks for the bear support on Richard’s site. I suspect I am turning into a bad troll, but since I don’t have any personal standards or depths, anything goes.

    Hopefully, my Luddite pc system will be up and running soon, having four pieces waiting to go online.

    Best to you and the cats.



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