Angry German Commenters, Striving for Originality

Readers’ comments on a (supportive) review of Ian Kershaw’s “The End” on German daily Die Welt, and its description of Hitler’s “last war” (against Germany itself):

– The commenting function has been disabled [Die Welt moderation] –

“In a final step, Hitler was waging war on Germany”
– nothing has changed
harper 1970, two hours ago


“In a final step, the federal government waged an inevitable closing sale of German national wealth by means of broken and unobserved EU treaties. The positive thing: no casualties yet.
bond issues specialist, two hours ago


At last, something about Hitler again [on this paper]. But if the GröFaz was that wrong with his prophecy may be left open:
“If the German nation should, one day, not be strong and willing to make sacrifices, enough to risk its blood for its existence, it shall perish and be destroyed by a stronger power.
planetzero3, two hours ago.

End of quote.

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