Health Minister: Market Tools don’t work Properly

From Beijing Morning Post (北京晨报), November 2, 2011:

Health minister Chen Zhu, on invitation of the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave s speech at the “Chinese Science and Humanities’ Forum”, titled “Let medical science serve the entire people”, and answered students’ questions.


In his speech, Chen Zhu explained that there was an area of misunderstanding, in that there was a belief that the market economy could solve every problem, but that practice tells us that market tools frequently don’t work properly in the area of social services, and the outcome of too much market orientation is that “to get medical treatment is difficult, and expensive”. Current medical reform was “to make basic medical health services public goods, available to all people”. The achievements of the past three years of reform were eminent, as China had established a system of guaranteed basic health services which covered more than 95 per cent of the population. By newly established rural cooperative health systems, rural leukemia and congenital heart disease patients were provided with insurance for major diseases, and nearly one million cataract patients had received free surgery to have their eyesight restored.

陈竺在演讲中介绍,曾经有一种认识误区,认为市场经济能够解决所有问题,但实践告诉我们,市场手段在社会服务领域往往失灵,过度市场化造成的后果就是“看病难、看病贵。“ 此次医改就是要“把基本医疗卫生服务作为公共产品向全民提供”。医改开始三年来成果显著,我国已经建立了覆盖95%以上人口的基本医疗保障制度,通过新型农村合作医疗制度为农村白血病患儿和先天性心脏病患儿提供大病医保,为全国近百万白内障患者进行了免费复明手术。

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