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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

17th Central Committee 6th Plenary Session “Culture Document” – 4

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b) Strengthen the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Socialism with Chinese characteristics is modern-day China’s fundamental direction of development and progress, and built upon, it embodies the people’s fundamental interests and wishes to the widest degree. Education in ideals and beliefs must be deepened, cadres and the masses must be guided to deeply understand that the Chinese Communist Party and the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics are a historical necessity and superiority, deeply understand that the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the only way for accomplishing the modernization of socialism and the Chinese great rejuvenation [or comeback to former glory and prosperity – 中华民族伟大复兴的必由之路], and the only way to create a good life for the people’s good life, consciously blend individual ideals into the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and, to the greatest possible extent, unite and to cohere the people under the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, closely connect the cadres’ and the masses’ ideology and practice, closely combine the successful accomplishment of socialism with Chinese characteristics, counter social hotspots and problems,  and from the combination of theory and practice, provide convincing answers, guide the cadres and the masses to mark a clear line of distinction between right and wrong on major ideological and theoretical issues, clarify blurred understandings, and vigorously sanction wrong and decayed ideological influences. Deepen education on situational policy-making, on national affairs, revolutionary tradition, on reform and opening, defense. Organize the learning [effect] that the recent history is particularly the history of the party and the people carrying out the revolution, construction, and reform, and to expand cadres’ and the masses’ confidence and belief in socialism with Chinese characteristics.


c) Carry forward patriotism as the core of the national spirit, and reform and innovation as the core of the spirit of our times. Patriotism is the Chinese nation’s most profound ideological tradition, which is, more than others, able to move and inspire the sons and daughters to unite and struggle, reform and innovation are contemporary China’s most vivid characteristics, most able to drive the sons and daughters of the Chinese nation forward with acute minds. Education in national spirit must be expanded, patriotism, collectivism, and socialist ideology  vigorously be promoted, the national sense of self-respect, self-confidence and sense of pride be strengthened, the people must be invigorated with enthusiasm1) to the practice of rejuvenating the Chinese nation, to fervently love the motherland and to devote all ones strength to the building of the motherland must spell the greatest honor, and harm [done] to the motherland’s interests or dignity must spell the greatest shame. Widely develop education in the spirit of our times, guide cadres and masses to forever maintain and their advancement with the times, a pioneering and innovating state of mind, never self-satisfied, never rigid, and never stagnant, to promote the cause incessantly and to maintain development. Vigorously carry forward what serves the country’s prosperity, national rejuvenation, the people’s well-being [or happiness, 幸福], society’s harmonious ideological and consciousness, vigorously enhance the struggle against privation, the glory of work, and apply the apply the fine tradition of retrenchment and thriftiness. Strengthen the education of national unity and progress, promote the identification with the great motherland and Chinese nation, advance all [PRC] nationalities’ united and combined struggle, and their glorious development. Strengthen the construction of patriotic education bases as a base [corrected on Sept 17, 2012], make good use of red tourism resources, and let these become important classrooms for cultivating a national sonscience and a conscience of our times.2)


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1) 热情化 (rèqínghuà) would literally mean something like “enthusiasmation” (if such a word exists in English). It seems to stand for a kind of process of “making people enthusiastic”.
2) resources (资源) refers to “red tourism’s” travel destinations.



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