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Friday, October 28, 2011

17th Central Committee 6th Plenary Session “Culture Document” – 2

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This post is the second one about the 17th CCP central committee’s 6th plenary session’s resolution (or decision), and a continuation to that post (with some links to related topics). Contrary to the first post, I tried to translate all these following paragraphs here in full. Still a lot of translation to do; the previous and this post may amount to a quarter of the entire document.

If anyone who is reading this has translated some or all of it, or knows of a translation elsewhere, please let me know, and I’ll link there, for complementation, or for comparison.

The entire party must come to recognize that the advanced socialist culture is the banner above the Marxist political party’s thoughts and spirit, and the building of a socialist culture is an important part of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics’ overall design. Without the vigorous cultural guidance, there is no richness in the spiritual world of the people, the power of national spirit won’t fully unfold,  and a country, a nation, cannot stand towering the forest of the world’s nations. Material insufficiency isn’t socialism, and spiritual emptiness isn’t socialism. If socialist culture doesn’t flourish, there will be no socialist modernization. In the deepening of the reform of the cultural system at this new historical starting point, the promotion of the development and thriving of socialist culture concerns the realization of comprehensive development of a society with modest prosperity, the maintenance and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. We must correctly grasp our country’s new economic and social requirements, correctly grasp the current era’s new trend of cultural development, correctly grasp all the people’s nationalities’ expectations to spiritual and cultural life, strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency, emancipate our minds, transform our concepts, seize our opportunities, harness the momentum, and, in the process of building a society of modest prosperity, on the road of scientific development, struggle for the creation of socialist culture, and for a new state of affairs.


2) Adhering to the Path of Development of a Culture of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Striving to Build a Strong Country of Socialist Culture


To adhere to the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, to deepen the reform of the cultural system, to promote the development and flourishing of socialist culture, it is essential that we fully implement the essence of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, that we uphold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and, under the guidance of the important thoughts of Marxism and Leninism, the Mao Zedong thoughts, the Deng Xiaoping theories, and the “Three Represents”*), deepen the scientific development concept’s thorough implementation, maintain the progressive direction of advanced socialist culture, and by scientific development as the key subject, by building a system of socialist core values as the fundamental task, and with the people’s spiritual cultural needs as the starting point and the final destination, with reform and innovation as the driving forces, develop towards modernization, towards the world, towards the future and the nation’s scientific and the masses’ socialist culture, cultivate a high degree of cultural awareness and cultural self-confidence, improve the entire nation’s civilizational quality, enhance the country’s cultural soft power, unfold Chinese culture, and strive to build a strong socialist country.


To build a strong country with a socialist culture means to put forth effort on the promotion of an advanced socialist culture going deeper into the peoples’ hearts, to promote the comprehensive development of a socialist spirit and civilization and material civilization, to start, at every moment, the whole nation’s continuous gush of cultural creativity and vitality, a richer and more colorful and  socialist culture’s life, better protection of the people’s basic cultural rights, the comprehensive improvement of the people’s ideological and moral qualities’ and of scientific cultural qualities, and the building of an overall spiritual home for the Chinese nation, to make greater contributions to human civilization’s progress.


In accordance with the new needs for succeeding in the strife of building a moderately prosperous society, the goals in striving for the cultural reform and development until 2020 are: to further promote the building of a system of socialist core values, to further unfold good ideological and moral customs, to significantly improve the quality of citizens, to accomodate the people’s needs for richer cultural products, to make quality works emerge in large numbers, to make the cause of culture prosper comprehensively, to built a basic public cultural services system which covers the entire society, to evenly spread accessibility to these basic services, to turn the cultural industry into a pillar of the national economy, to comprehensively and significantly strengthen its competitiveness with the international cultural industry, with public ownership as the predominant pattern developing comprehensively together with various other forms of ownership, to amply invigorate the cultural management system and cultural production operation system, and to turn them highly efficient, to attract, with the national culture as the principal part, beneficial culture from abroad, to ever further promote the pattern of an open Chinese culture’s stepping towards the world; to develop [existing] high-quality talents further, and guarantee more vitality for the development of flourishing developing talents. The entire party and the entire country must work together to make these goals happen, they must incessantly improve the scientification level of developing culture, in order to lay the foundation on which to build our country into a strong country of socialist culture.


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*)  The buzzword “Leninism” was missing in the original’s third paragraph (see earlier post for a quick review of that paragraph)  – but it’s appearing here, along with Marxism, and every Chinese party or paramount leader since Mao (except for Hua Guofeng, who bequeathed no spiritual legacy of his own to humankind),  just as  they were referred to by Wu Bangguo in March this year.


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