Syrian Arab News Agency quotes Jiang Yu

In every street

In every street

Possibly to please Beijing, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) posted a news article in Chinese on Wednesday, quoting from a statement by foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu, on a press conference at China’s foreign ministry on Tuesday, nearly or completely in full.

I haven’t yet found an equivalent to this news article on SANA’s or other official Syrian websites in English yet. However, SANA’s French website published a news article as early as on Tuesday, also quoting from the press conference of the same day. The people’s legitimate demands (人民[的]合理诉求, see blockquote below) is translated as the people’s logical demands (demandes logiques du peuple) there.

SANA – Beijing

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu, answering a question concerning Syria on a regular press conference on October 25, said China hoped that all Syrian parties would attach most importance to the state’s and the people’s interest, dismiss violence, and avoid clashes and bloodshed, and that all parties would solve their differences by dialog and peaceful means, thus resolving the conflict; and that the Syrian government should actively implement its promised reforms, and respond to the people’s legitimate demands.

中国外交部发言人姜瑜2011年10月25日在举行的例行记者招待会上回答有关叙利亚当前局势问题时说,中国希望叙利亚有关各方能以国家和人民利益为重, 摒弃暴力,避免流血冲突;希望各方通过对话以和平方式解决分歧,化解矛盾;叙利亚政府应积极落实改革承诺,回应人民合理诉求;

At the same time, the parties should participate in a peaceful process, constructively and actively. The international community should promote solutions of the differences through dialog, and play a constructive role in safeguarding peace and stability in the entire Middle East.


Jiang Yu also said that China’s special envoy for Middle Eastern issues will visit Syria and Egypt, from October 26 to October 30.


Jiang’s Tuesday comments may be read as a cautious criticism of Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party, as a “hope” that Damascus would respond to the people’s legitimate / logical  demands seems to suggest that such responses are still absent.

If this spells growing pressure on Syria, as Germany’s Focus news magazine suggested on Tuesday, remains to be seen. However, in case of a demise of Syria’s current rulers – in whichever way -, Beijing may want to position itself as the Syrian people’s advocate. Quotes like Jiang Yu’s, or possibly by Wu Sike later this week, could spell a hedge.



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