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Monday, October 24, 2011

Global Times: “The Sea Disputes that Some Countries have Created”

Foreign ministry press conference, Beijing, October 24,  with spokeswoman Jiang Yu (姜瑜), quoted by (中新网).

Q: [..] According to reports, South Korean police detained three Chinese fishing vessels on October 22, and are conducting investigations against some of the fishermen. Could you confirm?

问: 第一,据报道,韩国警方22日扣留了3艘中国渔船,并对部分中国渔民进行调查,请证实。

A: As for your first question, the general consulate in Gwangju is working hard on this matter and asked the Korean side to keep the law enforcement process civilized, avoiding force, and to practically guarantee the safety and legal rights of the people from the Chinese side. The Chinese authorities in charge will follow the development closely.

答: 关于第一个问题,中国驻光州总领馆正在紧急处理此事,要求韩方文明执法,在执法过程中避免暴力,切实保障中方人员的安全与合法权益。中方有关部门将密切关注事件进展。

Global Times (English edition), October 25 (local time):

The sea disputes that some countries have created not only threaten China’s long-term interests over the sovereignty of its sea borders, but also challenge the unity of China’s politics on the issue. Growing voices urging the government to “strike back” will eventually form through influence.

Currently, China’s mainstream understanding is that it should first go through the general channels of negotiating with other countries to solve sea disputes. But if a situation turns ugly, some military action is necessary.

This public sentiment will influence China’s future foreign policy. Countries currently in sea disputes with China may have failed to spot this tendency, as they still perceive China through conventional wisdom. Thus, the South China Sea, as well as other sensitive sea areas, will have a higher risk of serious clashes.



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