So, M. le Président, …

you’ve become father again today. I wish you a lot of time to devote yourself to your family life – starting next year. Even earlier, if that can be done.



» … his presidency might provide some clues, Aug 20, 2011
» L’Homme du Midi, January 14, 2010



4 Responses to “So, M. le Président, …”

  1. Sarko? Yes, yes, he has tried to take on the strutting Napoleonic role somewhat, but I am not close enough to French politics to known enough to condemn him.


  2. Actually, after his comments today that the British PM should “shut up” about the Euro (because apparently it’s beyond criticism), I think I do know enough to condemn him.


  3. Hehe. Personal experience is the best schoolmaster. I must say that I can see Sarko’s point, in that Britain won’t join anyway, but I’m sure that countries like Poland or Sweden appreciate Cameron’s position.



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