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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ask SoSo: Oh, Huanghe?

Tags: China (中国), brilliant accomplishments (辉煌成就), English (英文)

Answer (答案):

Be refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn, day high cloud Dan, float in this flower fruit we welcome the birthday having come to motherland fifty-six-year-old , can feel very happy with everybody with Zhu Guo Qing , me in fragrant season. In here, I need to be proud the field says to motherland mother: I love you, China! Oh! Huanghe River Yangtse River, gallop ten thousands li, you have fed a what splendid nation! Splendid history for 5000 years , the China civilization having good reputation in the whole world, are enough to let person praise it as the peak of perfection. The river that the motherland , the stream trickling sluggishly pass through is your elegant long hair I see, age-old long continuous kop is your forceful backbone. You have buried treasure all over the mountains and plains , you landscape having much posture elegant and pretty , you have the Palace Museum resplendent and magnificent, even though having the Great Wall that you have to extend Wan Ting, eternal, there are eight famine in the horizontal stroke. You still have many. . . . . . On your vast territory, the all people of Chinese descent that generation once replaces has created splendid east civilization with one’s own hands. We could not forget but, the Chinese nation went through the mill also once , several classics were sad, our motherland mother was doubly bullied and humiliated and humiliated also once. We forget without end, garden Ming garden flame, forgets the hat detaining “the sick man of East Asia ” on every Chinese relations with people without end , forgets park entrance “Chinese and the dog enter the inner ” brand without end not to , forgets blood of 300,000 fellow countrymen of Nanjing dyes red Yangtse River without end. But the earth is moaning , Huanghe River is weeping, Chinese People is unable to be overwhelmed under pressure forever also. The tiger door sells a cigarette having revealed anti-aggression prelude of Chinese sons and daughters. The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom banner , shy Constitutional Reform and Modernization of 1898 thunder, broadsword of soldier of Boxer , the Chinese Revolution of 1911 shot, none does not indicate to the whole world: The Chinese nation cannot be insulted , Chinese People can not be bullied. The May 4th Movement loud shouts in support , Communist Party of China’s be founded, are like the shy thunder scarification night sky more. The cypress slope “, sparks of fire, can set the prairie ablaze ” from Nanchang to Jinggang Mountains , from Yan’an to the west. Chinese People uses really millet plus rifles have shown a new splendid Chinese, our this east giant has stood up finally! Go by disturbances in 56 , after making great efforts to built a strong state for 54, our motherland rises like a mountain in the east of the world. Chinese People is enjoying a time of national peace and order having no precedent. The socialism with Chinese characteristics steamer cleaves through the waves , holds head high moving forward! Already very much, schoolmates , our Chinese big and powerful, but can not forget, our great cause of reunification is not completed , international anti-China forces has not given up the wild ambition to subjugate our country , Japan brings the water to sb.’s mouth , can not forget more to Diaoyu Island of our country, quilt of our country embassy explodes in 1999, blood of the fellow countryman tell us: We are not enough big and powerful. Hardships and dangers in make one’s way , the lofty sentiments being arousing us fighting spirit new 1000, new century , new starting point, the Sixteenth National Congress has been sounded march towards new clarion call by us, hundreds of millions forward new Chinese People targets advance bravely.

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