Still “Missing”: Gao Zhisheng

Geng He (耿和), wife of Chinese dissident Gao Zhisheng (高智晟), attended the Global Summit against Discrimination and Persecution , referred to as an international NGO summit (国际非政府组织峰会) by the BBC’s Chinese website, in New York on Thursday. Gao had repeatedly been detained and released in the past, before he was apparently abducted by the Chinese state once again, in April 2010. Also in April 2010, shortly before what appears to be his most recent, and still lasting abduction, he had publicly announced that he would give up his work as an activist, for the chance of rejoining his wife and two children who are in exile in America.

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Geng appealed to the international community to address the Chinese authorities, to let Gao get into contact with his family. According to reports quoted by the BBC’s Chinese website, her husband had been incommunicado (音信皆无)  after a brief contact with AP reporters this year.*) Enquiries his family people had tried through all kinds of channels to learn about his whereabouts had failed.

Geng thanked the international community for help provided to Gao Zhisheng and expressed her hope that international support for her to find her missing husband would continue. She also hoped that China’s leaders, at a time the United Nations General Assembly gathered in New York, would hear her appeal of natural and human feelings.

The Global summit or NGO conference signed a human rights dissidents manifesto, and passed a resolution calling for the expulsion of China, Cuba, and Saudi Arabia from the UN Human Rights Commission, reports the BBC.

The conference reportedly partners with the Human Rights Foundation, and could be considered a human-rights-oriented response to UN-sponsored Durban Conference, which had its first assembly in the South African city of the same name, in 2009 – a UN-sponsored event which my old classmate and friend,  Tai De, back then, described as follows:

The ‘Ndrangheta is asking for a rule that would ban “derogatory remarks” on the mafia. Besides, the UN Racism Conference starts looking like my mom’s kitchen garden – only bigger and messier.



*) The brief contact with the AP reporter or reporters (与美联社记者短暂见面) appears to have been a short interlude, as Gao appears to have been incommunicado before, and after that contact.



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