Chinese Press Review on Taiwan Arms Sales: “Some African Media”

Euronews TV had reported that the U.S. decision to sell arms to Taiwan at a time of severe global economic turmoil would harm (or destroy) the atmosphere between the world’s largest economies, and lead to panic or negative effects on the markets (欧洲新闻电视台网站的报道说,美国在全球经济处于剧烈动荡时期作出售台武器决定,将破坏世界两个最大经济体之间的气氛,对敏感的市场带来恐慌或负面影响), according to an international press review by People’s Daily (人民网) on Friday (today GMT).

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It’s in fact old news. Euronews TV published the report “quoted” by People’s Daily on September 16, one week before it made it into the CCP’s organ.

In fact, the “Euronews” report – actually a Reuters report republished by Euronews TV –  quotes  experts, rather than taking up a stance of its own.

The deal could sour the mood between the world’s two biggest economies at a jittery time for global markets, even if China confines its response to angry words and largely symbolic recriminations, said several experts.

“China will oppose in principle any decision to sell weapons to Taiwan, but how China expresses its opposition and how strongly will depend on the substance of the decision,” said Wu Xinbo, deputy director of the Centre for American Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Wu Xinbo is the only expert named (remotely, if at all) by Euronews TV in the context of global markets.

“International press reviews” in the Chinese press usually come with no links to the originals, even if the originals are online. Links would probably make no sense, because the original articles usually differ from the way they are presented in Chinese (when the topic is sensitive), and such reviews appear to be written for a readership which is uninformed and/or speaks little English (or other foreign languages).

Frequently, Chinese press reviews about sensitive issues include some pro-Beijing Hong Kong news articles, as the place of origin might help to add some credibility. The Chinese “international press review” that tops JR’s collection from this genre in that regard so far would probably be one by China News Service (中国新闻网), China’s second-largest state-owned news agency after Xinhua, and that one, too, was about Taiwan. China News Service, too, quoted a Hong Kong source – the Hong Kong China News Agency (HKCNA, 中通社), which is, in turn, a branch office of China News Service itself.

To be fair, Euronews TV only got one line in People’s Daily’s international press review of today. Other news corporations quoted in the arms-sales context are Russian newsagency TASS, a Thai newspaper the name of which is translated as  敏锐 清晰 深入 (something like keen, clear, and in-depth), a Mexican newsagency, Cuba’s Prensa Latina, Al-Quds (a paper from Saudi Arabia), Al-Jazeera‘s English channel, and “some African media” (有非洲媒体).



Quote: Makuwerere Bwititi, January 15, 2010


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