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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SWAPO Company sues former Employees over Purchase from FAW

Namib Contract Haulage (NCH), a company owned by Namibia’s ruling SWAPO party, has filed a N$1,5 million lawsuit in the High Court against Tekla or Teckla Lameck and (Jerobeam) Kongo Mokaxwa, two former employees. Both Lameck and Mokaxwa have been the subject of a corruption case in the High Court involving Government’s US$55 million (N$400 million) purchase of border-post scanning equipment from China, since 2009. Yang Fan, a former representative of Chinese company Nuctech (the company which had supplied the border-post scanning equipment in question), has been another defendant in the border-post-scanning equipment case, along with Lameck and Mokaxwa, but is apparently not involved in NCH’s lawsuit. However, according to The Namibian, Yang Fan came to Namibia ostensibly as an NCH employee but, in fact, worked only for Teko. Teko was a company operated by Lameck and Mokaxwa, as a company of their own. The Namibian reports that it

has seen a notice of intent by NCH listing the two as respondents in the lawsuit, which stems from their allegedly dubious purchase of tipper trucks from China FAW Group (First Automotive Works). NCH believes the two bought the four trucks with NCH money while they were on the Swapo company’s trip in China and handed them to their private business entity called Teko Trading (named after Tekla and Kongo) in 2006. Lameck was chairperson of the NCH board of directors and Mokaxwa was the NCH financial manager at the time the deal was clinched. NCH is Swapo’s transport business arm.

Concerning the older case, under investigation since summer 2009, Chinese party and state chairman Hu Jintao‘s son Hu Haifeng had been Nuctech’s president until 2008, i. e. until one year before the investigation and proceedings were launched. Also in summer 2009, Namibia reportedly cancelled a US$100 million in preferential export buyers credit previously offered by the Export-Import Bank of China (Exim). First National Bank of Namibia Group‘s chief executive officer Vekuii Rukoro suggested on the Southern Africa 2020 Vision Conference in Windhoek in August 2009 that

Namibians should “shake off” their  naivety in our dealings with our former benefactors during the liberation struggle. According to Rukoro, “this naivety” was based on the fact that they were “comrades and allies forever” and “these guys would never seek to pursue their narrow national interest at the cost of our won national interest”.



China-Namibia Relations, Zhong-Fei, June 21, 2011


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