Learning Chinese with the CCP: Inevitable Humiliations

Mukden Incident Museum, Shenyang

Mukden Incident Museum, Shenyang - Wikimedia Commons, click image for source

A country which willfully drops behind, doesn’t long for making progress, and which doesn’t provide for its self-strengthening, will inevitably be humiliated by others. No matter if it is the September 18 Incident, or a series of invasions by foreign enemies in modern history, tbey all deeply warn the Chinese nation about the need for a strong and prosperous country, and that only a China that doesn’t humiliate people won’t be humiliated by others. So, only if no effort is spared to develop China, to advance the growth of China’s strength, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China will, as a “peaceful giant”, stand known to the world, because safeguarding the power of the country and the people will provide an example and make a contribution to world peace.


People’s Daily online (人民网), September 16, concluding an editorial on the Mukden incident (aka 9-18 incident).



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5 Responses to “Learning Chinese with the CCP: Inevitable Humiliations”

  1. Thanks for the arch nationalist translated drum roll. Beijing will probably pick a fight with India this time around, I suspect. Just about all the other fok in the ‘hood have been giving a verbal tongue lashing.

    They should employ me as I could write a better script.


  2. Glad to see that the Shenyang memorial is equally as awful as the Nanjing Massacre memorial. Same hulking concrete masses looking as if they came straight from Logan’s Run.


  3. I think Beijing has recently made one or another effort to reach out to the Indian public, or the country’s press people, anyway, KT – see para four and what follows there.

    They may hope to have India in their “BRIC” boat as the CCP seems to expect some kind of storm in international economic relations, globalization, etc., and while alienating South Korea or the Philippines may be OK (Vietnam doesn’t really need to be alienated anyway, as it has always been very hostile), India would be a different story. But if they should pick another diplomatic or trade fight with India, their script would indeed be lousy. I believe they’ll pick a fight with the West, or the “developed world”, instead.

    Foarp, I’ve seen so many monstrosities of that kind that I hardly remember any of them in particular. Obviously, the realm of the former Soviet Union have their share of them, too. Moscow has actually been seminal in this field, I believe. You can study the art as far west as in Rostock, Germany. And as far east as Shenyang, of course. 😉



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