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Monday, September 12, 2011

A European North-South Dialog

Flatworld, a blog run by conservative German daily Die Welt‘s international-news department manager, published an open letter on Sunday – in German, Greek, and Italian so far -; an open letter, that is, to European readers from or in the countries which are currently in financial and structural crisis. The open letter isn’t available in English, but there is an English-language thread, and the comments there may give you an idea of the issues discussed in the open letter itself.

Don't mention the budget

The insecure (European) sovereign: finding his voice?

The thread is meant to provide a platform for a “pan-European” public, but some input from outside Europe may also be welcome there. But even just reading there may give you an idea about how the European base – rather than its superstructure -, may be ticking.

German, Greek, and Irish readers seem to have commented so far.

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