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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jiang not Dead: Leung Ka-wing Resigns

Asia Television (ATV, 亞洲電視台) news department vice-president Leung Ka-wing (梁家榮) and another executive have resigned, in the wake of an erroneous news broadcast of July 6 this year which claimed that former party and state chairman Jiang Zemin (江泽民) had died. Leung said that the ill-fated broadcast had been made despite all his efforts.

ATV Headquarters, Tai Po, HK

ATV Headquarters, Tai Po, HK (Wikicommons, click picture for source)

Leung said that he had offered his resignation on the second day after the mistaken newscast in July, but hadn’t resigned immediately, so as not to shake the news department. Leung announced his resignation on Monday, with immediate effect.



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