Blogging: Pondering on Podcasts

A Stack of Logs, August 2011

A Stack of Logs, August 2011

Once in a while, I’m using radio  – mostly shortwave radio – as a source or as an appetizer for thought when writing a post.  Sometimes, there is a post about shortwave radio itself – when it comes to Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany), the Voice of America‘s (VoA) Mandarin service, China Radio International (CRI, foreign radio) or China National Radio (CNR, domestic radio) for example. It could be nice to post short recorded clips in addition to what I write. The most obvious way would be YouTube. I do have a cheap digital camera, so making badly-arranged videos would be feasible, even if the picture doesn’t matter at all, as the message is on the soundtrack. However, being the ecologically-aware blogger I am, I’m not so fond about the useless data flow and corresponding carbon dioxide emissions such videos would generate.

Audio podcasts could provide the answer. However, WordPress would require an upgrade before I could post podcasts,  either video or audio files, and while I’m aware of YouTube as a free video platform, I don’t know a free platform for publishing audio files.

Then why wouldn’t I start a domain of my own, and rent some server space from somewhere else?

WordPress is very convenient in that they allow me to blog anonymously. That’s one of several reasons why I like WordPress, and why I avoid platforms like Facebook.  After all, Germany is by no means as free an environment for bloggers as is America, for example. Legal harassment is always a possibility in my country. By paying for an upgrade, my anonymity would be less perfect than now.

In short: I’d like to keep things as they are, plus posting some audio files. If you can tell me a platform where I can post audio files for free, just as I could post videos for free on YouTube, let me know.

Don’t ask what JR can do for you – ask what you can do for JR.

5 Responses to “Blogging: Pondering on Podcasts”

  1. Thanks, Neru! It’s exactly what I need, and the 120 minutes storage limit shouldn’t hurt.


  2. Post podcasts on youtube with pretty pictures as imagery. Am i missing something?


  3. I’m neither an expert on how youtube, nor on how aircraft carriers work, Vasic. All I know for sure is that the latter impressed the Chinese leadership in 1996, when dispatched to the Taiwan Strait by then U.S. president Clinton, and that they still seem to play an important role somewhere underneath the nuclear threshold. That, and that they seem to be the solution to many Chinese nationalists’ erectional issues.

    As for youtube, I tried it with pictures, rather than videos, but it didn’t seem to work, and I actually like soundcloud better for now – at least as long as I haven’t reached the 120 minutes’ limit there.

    Thanks for commenting!



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