Tsai Ing-wen’s Campaign Office hacked, Xinhua too Impartial to be the Source

Tsai Ing-wen‘s election campaign office suffered a hacking attack, Yahoo Taiwan   reported on Tuesday. Tsai is both the oppositional DPP’s chairperson, and its presidential nominee for Taiwan’s presidential and Legislative-Yuan elections scheduled in January.

According to an account of the Yahoo report in English by Echo Taiwan, the hacks came with a Trojan horse, aiming at info stealing, not at damaging data.

[Tsai’s] office holds all the info regarding how the DPP had planned and is planning to campaign for the president and legislator elections early next year, including how to deploy the resources, who is gonna take charge of what, etc.

Reportedly, IP trackings suggest that the hacks originated from China’s Xinhua News Agency, individual hackers, and from some “special group” in Taiwan. Xinhua denies involvement.

“As a news service provider, we have an impartial and objective stance on the election of the Taiwan region, and we will never interfere in the matter”, China Daily quoted a Xinhua spokesman.

Incumbent President Ma Ying-jeou’s campaign office also confirmed having suffered recent hacking attacks, although it did not reveal details or whether any information was leaked,

reports AsiaOne.

As for the suspected identity of the hackers, the campaign office said time constraints prevented them from looking into the high number of hacking activities, and to chase after each case would be futile.

An AFP report tiptoes toward the cui-bono question: “Observers say China would prefer Ma to win instead of DPP chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen”.



  • Taiwan’s translation for hacker: 駭客 (hài kè) 駭 is an exclamation or sigh expressing shock; ke stands for “guest” (shocking guest).
  • China’s translation for hacker: 黑客 (hēi kè) means “black guest”.



» Malware Networks, Cooperation Appreciated, April 6, 2010



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