Net Nanny: International Partners for Better Global Social Management (GSM)

vigilance at all times

Net Nanny: vigilance at all times

The situation is worrying Us. The internet provides bad people with the opportunity to voice their wrong opinions without saying who they are. China’s position has always been consistent. Fortunately, We are not alone.

German home secretary Hans-Peter Friedrich must be praised for his correct views. He correctly said that bloggers and other authors must be obliged to publish online under their real names!

Why doesn’t Fjordman (the man who published anti-islamic stuff online and was quoted by a dandy mass murderer this summer) have to publish his unharmonious hate under his real name? Why, for that matter, doesn’t JR need to publish his unharmonious hate under his real name? Why can Chinese bad elements, at home and abroad, write under a pen name? More transparency on the internet would be much more convenient for social management!

Therefore, We hereby include Mr. Friedrich into our Recommended List of Role Models, a list which hitherto only included our collective leadership with Hu Jintao as the core, all previous collective and not-so-collective leaderships, Lei Feng, and Zhang Ziyi , and We propose, with this announcement, a Global Social Management (GSM) system to be discussed and prepared at all relevant international appointments, to make harmony spread in every country of the world.

We wish Mr. Zimmermann Friedrich*) success, and looking forward to fruitful cooperation with Germany in all relevant international committees, and we encourage all vigilant politicians, from wherever they may be, to join us in the struggle. Together, we will stride from victory to victory in making the internet more harmonious!


Net Nanny

» Wait for the Appointed Time, January 29, 2010


Friedrich Zimmermann was one of Hans-Peter Friedrich‘s predecessors as home minister, from 1982 – 1989. Just as the incumbent, Friedrich Zimmermann was a member of the Bavarian CSU party. For that (and maybe for some other reasons, too) I confused the two names. (Thanks for pointing to it, NWD.)


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