It’s Easy to confuse Ma Ying-jeou and “Adolph Hitler”…

… when you can’t even spell Hitler’s given name correctly.

Taipei Times quotes Chen Chi-mai

Taipei Times quoting Chen Chi-mai (click on this picture for article)

5 Comments to “It’s Easy to confuse Ma Ying-jeou and “Adolph Hitler”…”

  1. lol, man, the person who spelled it on that article is not the person who said it …


  2. I’m aware that Chen Chi-mai most probably spoke Chinese or Taiwanese, when making that comparison, Echo. But then, if he really made that comparison, that was much more stupid than misspelling Adolf Hitler‘s given name – and both seem to indicate to me that Hitler or his agenda was hardly the issue.

    To me, Chen’s wording, and the Taipei Times way of quoting them are soundbites from the political struggles. I’ve added them to my collection.


  3. Comparing Ma to Hitler – nothing new about this kind of hyperbole except the high level of the source of the quote.

    Slightly more scary is the number of incidents of Hitler being cited as an inspiring role-model in Taiwan:

    You see this kind of garbage being tossed around all the time, which is slightly odd given the existence of a far more familiar example of a dictator who could be referred to in Taiwan – why is no-one ever compared to CKS?


  4. I was more perturbed by the gratuitous reference to Hitler/Nazi Germany/the Holocaust, than I was by the misspelling (which, at least, was phonetically correct).
    Why do people feel a need, Caucasian world or not, Taiwanese or not, to casually reference Hitler like that, out-of-hand? While “Never Again” is a good motto, it should be, except in…exceptional cases, be used mostly by Jews. Certainly, a case could be made for Kim Jong-il to be compared to Hitler. North Korea, after all, does have concentration camps, and Kim’s cult of personality is not dissimilar to Hitler’s. Ma Ying-jeou, however distasteful people find him, has nothing about him to compare to Hitler. We might grant that comparisons be made with Mussolini, or Franco. Hitler is an extreme case. Let’s give those references a rest.
    I doubt anyone in Taiwanese political circles, or in the press, will read this and give such casual references a second thought, however. Still, history is not something that, without protest, should be made into a cartoon to be manipulated at will by blowhards and loudmouth politicians, even if those same people are preferable to the ones who are in power at the moment.


  5. I’m not suggesting that Hitler’s old shadow should be as big in Taiwan, as it is in Europe. But while Chen Chi-mai’s “comparison” may appeal to certain constituencies, they will probably scare off more moderate voters – if they listen at all. Wondering if Chen is one of the kind of politicians which made Chen Shui-bian’s presidency such a… umm… rousing success. If he really said that he didn’t see much difference between Ma and Hitler, he owes the president an apology – or he isn’t trustworthy. Besides, it also makes criticism of Taiwan’s judiciary system appear to be less justified.


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