China Blogs Review / Phrasebook: Political Reform and Righteousness

No stuff of my own today, but two other blogs’ issues instead…

Blog Review

In May this year, Wukailong discussed Political Reform in China, and provided a review of a number of Chinese scholars’ views in short. After that first installment, he discussed another number of scholars’ and journalists’ views this month, from a more foreign perspective, plus some opinion of his own. Part three appears to be in the pipeline.

Bremen-Hemelingen, July 2011

Bremen-Hemelingen, July 2011


Meantime, Foarp quotes from Huanqiu Shibao‘s (Global Times) commenter threads – responses to the bombing and shootings in Norway last Friday.

It’s in Foarp’s commenter thread in turn where I found another line for my phrasebook collection: 善有善报,恶有恶报 (shàn yǒu shàn bào, è yǒu è bào) – what goes around, comes around, or righteousness earns righteousness, evil earns evil.



The way we view our own violence…,, July 22, 2011


2 Comments to “China Blogs Review / Phrasebook: Political Reform and Righteousness”

  1. I’d always heard it said “好心有好报”, but I guess it adds up to the same thing.


  2. I’m also familiar with “好心有好报”, not with the 善-恶 version – 好心有好报 may be the more current way to put it south of the Yangzi.


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