Xi Jinping’s History Lesson: “The Irrefutable Truth”

The extraordinary development of Tibet over the past 60 years points to an irrefutable truth: without the CPC, there would have been no new China, and no new Tibet.

Xi Jinping (习近平), speaking in Lhasa on July 19

The CCP kept lavishing praise onto its rule over Tibet during the past week. After an “inspection tour” by vice chairman Xi Jinping, with a speech delivered in front of the Potala Palace on Tuesday, People’s Daily reports today that Xi’s speech “has won  netizens’ strong support”. All major websites had carried live coverage of the 60th anniversary of Tibet’s “peaceful liberation” ceremony as headline positions, clicks to the coverage (aparently livestream) had exceeded two million, more than 5,000 comments were left, they highly appreciated the historical significance of the “peaceful liberation” (高度评价西藏和平解放的历史意义) praised the great success Tibet had achieved under the correct leadership of the CCP, success which had caught the eyes of the world (盛赞西藏在党的正确领导下取得举世瞩目的伟大成就), and, from the bottom of their hearts, wished Tibet an even better future, with even greater progress (深情祝福西藏明天更美好,期待西藏迎来跨越性发展和更大的进步).



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