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Friday, July 15, 2011

Taiwan News, in Lieu of a Translation of my own

The Liberty Times – translated by its English-language sister paper, the Taipei Times – explains a recent decline in Taiwan’s unemployment numbers in a way which differs from the Ma administration’s interpretation. The description of what the article sees as The Truth about Unemployment also points out what any future administration, KMT- or DPP-led, will have to do to create sustainable employment. The article’s second part addresses Taiwan’s economic ties with China, and what it sees as their impact on wage and salary levels in Taiwan.

In an interview with the Liberty Times, also translated by the Taipei Times, published on July 12, Chu Wu-hsien (朱武獻), ormer minister of civil service, explains how Taiwan’s civil service has become more neutral, or politically impartial. When compared with the state of affairs in the 1980s, as described by Chu, the former minister probably has a point.

Last but not least, president Ma Ying-jeou is Taiwanese, or sort of.

I am a descendant of the Yellow Emperor in blood and I identify with Taiwan in terms of my identity. I fight for Taiwan and I am Taiwanese,

the Taipei Times quotes a recent entry on the president’s Facebook page, and

In nationality, I am a Republic of China [ROC] citizen and I am the president of the ROC.

Meantime, Ma’s campaign office spokesman Yin Wei (殷偉)  objects to DPP presidential nominee Tsai Ing-wen‘s statement about the same who-am-I issue, which, from a KMT perspective, is too short and too simple.


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