Tibetan Updates: “Legal Education”, Arrests and Sentences

A number of arrests of, and in some cases verdicts against Tibetans have recently been reported. E. V. de Cleyre lists three of them, two of them writers, and one a documentarist.

High Peaks Pure Earth has details about one of the two writers, Pema Rinchen. According to High Peaks, the reason for Pema Rinchen’s arrest was a poem titled We, Who Are Ruled By Others (translation there). High Peaks also provides a translation of a blog post by Woeser, with a short bio, and the story of arrest (and apparently maltreatment).

On the afternoon of July 5, Pema Rinchen was taken away by Drango County PSB officers. He was severely beaten. The next day (July 6) he was taken to Drango County hospital for emergency treatment.

When his family from Longda Village in Kaliang Township in Drango County heard the news, they rushed crying to the hospital, but PSB and PAP officers outside the ward barred the way and wouldn’t let them in. It isn’t currently known whether Pema Rinchen is dead or alive.

High Peaks also translated a blogpost by Woeser – 10 Tibetan Writers and Teachers Arrested, Detained or Sentenced by Sichuan Local Authorities – a month ago.

On July 14, AsiaNews, an Italian Catholic website, reported the arrest of eight Buddhist monks who had refused to participate in “legal education” – a measure apparently taken by the authorities in reaction to monks’ refusal to participate in celebrations of the CCP’s 90th birthday.


» China’s Golden Vase of National Unity, December 26, 2010
» Dolkar Tso thanks Samdrup’s Lawyers, June 26, 2010


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