Pig Prices drive Inflation, despite Strategic Pork Reserve

Kungfu, Bremen-Hemelingen

Kungfu, Bremen-Hemelingen

On July 12, Wen Jiabao presided over a regular state council meeting which explored, decided and advanced political measures for sustained and healthy development of pork meat production. Wen had previously made inquiries about pork sales in Benxi (本溪), Liaoning province, on July 3; visited farms and supermarkets in Xianyang (咸阳市), Shaanxi province on July 9 for pork production research, and the July 12 state council meeting was therefore the third time within a fortnight that Wen had shown concern for the people’s livelihood in this regard, reports China National Radio (CNR).

According to the Financial Times, pork prices rose by 57 per cent in the past year.

Given the prominent role pork meat plays in the Chinese diet, the Chinese government established a strategic frozen pork reserve after Chinese farmers had to slaughter millions of pigs in 2008, after an outbreak of “blue-ear pig” disease which drove China’s inflation rate to its highest level in a decade, according to an NPR report in April.


» You name the Problem, the CCP solves it, February 15, 2011


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