Summer Observations

bluebottles et al

bluebottles et al

Days are growing shorter, and it’s mostly dry again. An old neighboring couple with a lot of patience is bringing up a young swallow which fell from the nest, with lots of flies (we’ve contributed some, too), and some meat, cut into small pieces. Just like many other birds, swallows ornery take a few steps back, before shitting on the table, or on someone’s neck.

It’s going to be full moon, soon.

German television can’t be put on par with the internet. The internet can’t be put on par with nature. Just a bottle of beer and one schnapps can make you dizzy if you haven’t had any for weeks.

Womens’ soccer can’t be put on par with mens’ soccer. The combine harvesters have taken to the fields, to get started with winter barley.

Once in a while, I won’t know the day of the week right away. The summer vacations are here.

9 Responses to “Summer Observations”

  1. Pastoral observations. Great photo, JR. Been waiting for this opening. My pin up girls are the Japanese women’s soccer team. Up at four am tomorrow where they will also hopefully see off Sweden. I can take this line since I supported NKs team on a number of forums during the last World Cup and had abuse heaped on me for doing so.

    it is only becuase the sino-english blogosphere is so darn patriarchal that you can say women’s soccer can’t be on par with men’s soccer.

    Just discovered a local community TV channel which provides a number of news services: DW, CCTV, Russian television (which has absolutley tremendous graphics) and many others. Fortuitously, my first encounter with VOA television included a long interview with the old mate Gordon Chang. Then a two hour DW session on German fashion which I secretly enjoyed.

    May all your swallows shit on misguided commenters.


  2. It’s a typical calendar photo, isn’t it? I’m closer to Sweden than to Japan, but given the recent tough times (and – I suppose – the harsh patriarchal realities there, I wouldn’t be unhappy to see Japan becoming world champion, either.

    I guess I listened to the same interview with Gordan Chang on shortwave, unless he’s a frequent guest on Voa>/i>.

    German fashion? Birkenstock sandals? *snickers*


  3. The VOA tv interviewer throwing questions at Chang was a smirking juvenile shit with Buddy Holly glasses. Luckily, the HH crew didn’t see it. They would have had a field day. Gordon Chang is enough, but this interviewer was the worst I have seen. Sort of like some US fenqing .

    Being in Europe it is so much easier to access a diverse range of national media services. Really enjoyed the Russian elevision news.

    Birkenstocks. he he


  4. Even just on long wave or medium wave, you’ll get a range of views and styles (and languages, of course) as hardly anywhere else in the world. You wouldn’t have to travel far to get into a very different environment to home either. Europe has long been a good place to become multilingual, even without the internet.


  5. What can I say. Sweden turned to DUST and a tremendous result for my pin up girls. The Barcelona method is the new play paradigm.


  6. How do you define the Barcelona method? Ball control? To be faster, not stronger, than your rival?


  7. I now heartedly regret supporting the North Korean team during the last big FIFA global gig.

    As far as alibis go, I give them 10 out of 10 for originality. Died laughting when this was reported on BBC. Almost as good as the lighting bolt interruptions to the fast (not high speed) train from Beijing to Shanghai. And we haven’t heard the last of this PRC schadenfreude moment.


  8. I sincerely hope that the lightning that will struck the team, the specialists, or whoever, won’t get people killed. The excuse is also kind of profane. Does it insinuate that the dope was within the musk deer glands? Or will the dear leader criticize himself, for not taking care of the diet personally? I’m sort of puzzled that the North Koreans don’t contest the finding anyway.

    Including anything Chinese in their explanation actually looks as if they wanted to get as much media attention for the doping case as they possibly could. Geez.



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