July 1, 2011: a Festive Day in Beijing

Welcome to my Corruption Pool

没有共产党就没有新中国: Welcome to my Corruption Pool

Just in case that you haven’t noticed: the motherland’s mother of the masses celebrates her 90th birthday on Friday.
Hu Jintao will deliver an important speech at the Great Hall of the People, and China National Radio (CNR, 中国之声) and all other branches of Chinese state radio will begin coverage of the festive occasion at 9.50 local time. There will be 24 hours of special coverage are looming on CNR alone,focusing on the presentation of the CCP’s brilliant achievements, and transmitting the nation’s sons’ and daughters’  heartfelt good wishes (or blessings)  to the Chinese Communist Party (集中展现中国共产党取得的光辉成就,传递中华儿女对党的生日的衷心祝福).

Just as the CCP likes to say: 没有共产党就没有新中国 (méiyǒu gòngchǎndǎng jiù méiyǒu xīn zhōngguó). Or: Without the CCP, China would still be very feudal.


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