Huanqiu warns Vietnam: Don’t manufacture Low-Class Nationalism

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesman Commodore Jose Miguel Rodriguez confirmed a joint naval exercise – Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) – with the US, scheduled to begin on June 28, while China warned the US should not get involved in the territorial dispute in the South China Sea since “the US is not a party to the dispute”. The exercise had been programmed since last year, Rodriguez said.

Philippine military officials announced the coming naval maneuvers amid heightened tensions in the West Philippine Sea and the South China Sea stoked by alleged intrusions by Chinese vessels into Philippine waters and into disputed territories, particularly the Spratly Islands Group, The Philippinean reports. The US Navy’s guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon was underway to participate in the CARAT.

Vietnam earlier announced plans for a nine-hour live fire naval exercise tentatively set for tomorrow off central Quang Nam province, apparently in response to increased Chinese activities near the Spratlys,

according to the same report, which quotes several Philippinean politicians as emphasizing the need for their country to stand its ground, but also to settle the Spratly dispute with China diplomatically.

Philippines military spokesman Rodriguez pointed out that “South China Sea” was only one name out of several for the disputed waters:

When people keep referring to the South China Sea, there is a subliminal message that this sea belongs to a country whose name appears in the name. […] Vietnam calls it East Sea and China calls it South China Sea. We in the Philippines should call it West Philippine Sea,

he said.

Referring to a squabble over territory in the South China Sea, Associated Press (AP) reports that Vietnam plans its exercise referred to by the Philippinean on Monday, off the country’s central Quang Nam province. The report also mentions diplomatic  punches traded between China and Vietnam on Thursday. While AFP had previously referred to demonstrations of several hundred (on June 5) in Hanoi, it now says that there had been thousands of protesters last weekend.

Canada Home (加拿大家园), an Ontario-based Chinese-language website, refers to the same or to another AFP report and writes that while the US were dispatching USS Chung-Hoon with the stated intention to ensure unimpeded navigation in the area, it was secretly backing up Vietnam, and displaying its strength vis-a-vis China (暗地里是为越南撑腰,向中国示威, àndìlǐ shì wèi yuènán chēngyāo, xiàng zhōngguó shìwēi).

Canada Home also quotes China’s Huanqiu Shibao as warning Vietnam to restrain itself. Hanoi should not advance the issue to animate domestic morale and to draw the international community’s attention to the South China Sea dispute. It should not manufacture a hostile Sino-Vietnamese atmosphere based on low-class (or off-color, 低级, dī jí) nationalism. History showed that whenever China and Vietnam had settled territorial issues by war, Vietnam had lost.


The Huanqiu article doesn’t seem to be available online, but is quoted by several Chinese online forums.


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4 Responses to “Huanqiu warns Vietnam: Don’t manufacture Low-Class Nationalism”

  1. Beat me to it JR, but I don’t have the language skills anyway, so went with the race horse fun.

    The CPC controlled Global Times described Hanoi’s move as the “lowest form of nationalism to create new enmity between the people of the two countries.” China never blackmailed smaller countries. “But when a small country turns that around and tries to blackmail China, the Chinese people will on the one hand feel rather angry, while on the other hand find it quite amusing,” it said.

    This sort of patronising drivel – talking to VN like a younger ( past colonised) brother will go down a treat in Hanoi, and lead to a quiet but even closer embrace with the US.

    Pissing off all the local neighbours in fact.

    In the last few days I’ve exchanged a dew emails with this well-established business person in HoChiMin City to see if there are some freewwheeling English-VN forums such as the usual suspects we are used to. Simply NO: govt enforced regulations: blogs are for personal matters only and this rule is enforced.

    Most VN use social media like FB, yahoo360 and similar. Apparently, there are more blogs in Khmer and Lao.

    If things get out of hand, the people who will really suffer will be the Chinese trading communities living in VN.


  2. But when a small country turns that around and tries to blackmail China, the Chinese people will on the one hand feel rather angry, while on the other hand find it quite amusing,
    the Times of India quotes Huanqiu Shibao (commonly referred to as the “Global Times”, even when the paper in question is the Chinese, not the English-language edition.

    Btw, the forums all seem to quote from the quote, not from Huanqiu itself. Seems that only international editorial journalists have subscribed to the printed edition, while Chinese contributors don’t even care to buy a copy in the street before commenting.

    Anyway, Huanqiu apparently isn’t prepared to share the amusement online. Must be all in the printed edition.
    Btw, feel free to add links, KT. One or two links won’t get comments get caught in the spam filter, as a rule.
    Yes, China is successfully pissing off its neighbors. Maybe America will get allies in Asia who are prepared to contribute more to an alliance, than Europeans would these days.



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