Searchword of the Week: TNND

what does tnnd stand for?

TNND stands for 他奶奶的 (tā nǎinai de), which is foul language (粗口, cūkǒu) and should be used with caution (特别慎用, tèbié shèn yòng).

Literally: “his (paternal) grandmother’s”.

TNND, 这个真是反咬一口啊。(zhège rén zhēnshi fǎnyǎo yīkǒu a.)
Bullshit, this is really trumping up a countercharge.

TNND should not be confused with TMD (他妈的, tā mā de), which might be literally translated as “his mother’s”.

TMD is a more universal kind of foul language, to be used – also with caution – when something has gone wrong.

TMD, 又中了共军的奸计! (yòu zhōng le gòng jūn de jiānjì!)
F*ck, (we) have been caught in another of the Red Army’s traps!

jiānjì may also be translated as a “treacherous plot”.


How to make a Good Plan, December 6, 2008

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