MFA Press Conference: Hit and Tow, Legal Education

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei (洪磊) condemned a “serious infringement on Chinese sovereignty and naval rights (严重侵犯中国的主权和海洋权益), reports the BBC‘s Chinese website. Chinese fishermen had been put into danger by a Vietnamese oil exploration ship in the South China Sea, Hong said on Thursday, in a response to a statement of Vietnam’s ministry of foreign affairs.

Also on Thursday, Vietnam had accused a Chinese fishing trawler of intentionally hitting the Vietnamese vessel. In his Thursday statement, Hong in turn accused Vietnam of illegally trying to expel the Chinese fishing trawler by armed force, while the fishermen were operating legally near the Spratly Islands.

Last Sunday, several hundred protesters held a demonstration against Chinese vessels violating Vietnam’s sovereignty, according to the BBC report.

An AFP report, republished by the Bangkok Post on Thursday, quotes extensively from both sides’ statements.

Also on Thursday, Hong Lei said that there were no missing monks in Tibet.

The spokesman, Hong Lei, said local authorities were “conducting legal education” for the monks to “maintain religious order.” He said there had been “no such thing as enforced disappearance” of the monks from the Kirti monastery in Sichuan Province,

Associated Press reported.


» Democratic International Relations, June 8, 2011
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» Parallel Press Conference, Voice of Vietnam, June 10, 2011

5 Responses to “MFA Press Conference: Hit and Tow, Legal Education”

  1. The resevoir of anti-Chinese sentiment in VN is long held, deeply ingrained and at the moment, turned on and off by the govt. VN folk history – the Trung sisters. China is stirring up a hornets nest here. Laos is well on the way to becoming a Chinese real estate colony, and a very senior VN cadre has spoke out against a major Chinese project some 6 months ago. As you would expect, much of this anti-Chinese sentiment is irrupting on VNs govt managed internet.

    Its surprising really. Think of all the home pundits encountered across sites. VN never gets a mention. North Korea gets a ton more attention, even though NK info is harder to access and speculative at best.

    (Your CMP reply. Thats the best I could do in the Shakespeare quote dept – pathetic isn’t it.)


  2. Think of all the home pundits encountered across sites.
    Hehe – you can’t be thinking of this one, and me’s not even an expert. Some 30 posts tagged with Vietnam. Anyway – the foreign hegemon of the seas seems to have emboldened China’s shameless little colony to the south.

    Meantime, Clinton is touring southern Africa, saying that
    “The United States does not see these Chinese interests as inherently incompatible with our own interests. We are, however, concerned that china’s foreign assistance investment practices in Africa have not always been consistent with generally accepted international norms of transparency and good governance and that it has not always utilized the talents of the African people in pursuing its business interests.”

    Not sure if Laos has issued an invitation yet.



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