Another Year after June 4, 1989

It is frequently said that you can do anything you like in China, as long as you don’t plot to overthrow the CCP, or to endanger public order.

To remember June 4, 1989 publicly would amount to such illegal action, in the view of those who rule China. Many people in China may not be aware of this day in history. As a rule, those who are aware will remain silent.

Where Chinese people are free to honor the dead and the bereaved, many will do just that – in Hong Kong, and outside China.

I’m a Christian only in that I formally belong to a (protestant) church. I’m no believer. But every single symbol for a life lost, even something as simple as a sanctuary lamp, makes me aware of how important memory is, and how much it can do to help the bereaved to cope.

For twenty-two years, remembrance has been illegal in China. For many years to come, it will remain illegal in China.

They call that “stability”.

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