Beijing: Inasmuch as Ye have Dunnit to Pakistan…

Should the US ever attack Pakistan and send troops into the country, Beijing would consider that an attack on China itself, and react correspondingly, Chinese negotiators said in Washington D.C., on May 9, during a U.S.-Chinese meeting on strategic and economic issues, reports Spiegel Online. The Chinese delegation had been led by vice premier Wang Qishan. Spiegel bases its  report on information obtained from a high-ranking Pakistani diplomat.

Pakistan and China, not too similar in cultural terms, are united by their common enmity with India, according to Spiegel Online.

Meantime, China on Tuesday indicated it would not invest funds on creating another naval base in Pakistan, according to the Times of India, as Beijing was apparently jolted by the Taliban attack on Pakistan’s naval base.

If you go by comments made by foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu (as quoted by the Times of India), such a naval base had been no issue anyway:

Chinese foreign ministry said it had not seen any proposal to build a naval base in Pakistan. The statement amounts to a rejection of Pakistani defense minister Ahmad Mukhtar’s claim that his government was pushing Beijing to build a naval base near the Gawdar port.

“China and Pakistan are friendly neighbors. Regarding the specific China-Pakistan cooperative project that you raised, I have not heard of it,” Jiang Yu, Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman told a regular news conference in Beijing.


» Taliban Naval (aviation) Base Attack explained, Huffington Post / Reuters, May 24, 2011
» Hermit: America’s Dirty Helping Hand, August 12, 2010

6 Responses to “Beijing: Inasmuch as Ye have Dunnit to Pakistan…”

  1. Probably just the Pakistanis blowing off some hot air. I doubt the Chinese would ever commit themselve to something like this.

    Meanwhile: Prague rocks.


  2. FOARP. Totally agree. Beijing folks are power freaks, but doing a deal, any deal with the Paks, crikey they would lose my respect as serious players.

    Pakistan is a f… joke, but they don’t realise it yet…they are still .in a state of denial.

    And I don’t want to hear about your global travels. If you disgrace yourself a la DSK, I shall hear about it via former Hungarian colleague.


  3. @KT – This footage of me speaking to a Hungarian (dubbed over) was shot earlier today:

    The Police are currently investigating.


  4. Really nice video – showing how hard it is to anger a British tobacconist.

    Objection to the idea that China would make fun of itself by committing itself to Pakistan’s “sovereignty” – Zia ul-Haq’s Pakistan was more stable, but also more lunatic than these days. That wasn’t in the way of a fond US-Pakistani alliance.

    After all, what the Chinese vice chief councillor – allegedly – said wasn’t that any further drone attack or Abottabad-like operation would be a casus belli, but that the US occupying the country would be. Besides, I doubt Beijing will confirm such a behind-closed-doors threat (if ever made there) in front of them.



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