Long Time no Break

My last break from posting was some ten months ago, and it’s time for another one. Why? Because posting has been a habit of mine for the past two years or more (I started quite exactly three years ago, with a rapidly rising posting frequency). Most habits need to be given a rest every now and then.

That said, I will keep checking for comments, free pending comments from the filter, and take care of stuff that isn’t in line with these simple-enough rules.

Bremen, Überseestadt

Bremen, Überseestadt

Number of posts to date (including this one): 1,280 (mostly of timeless value).

Scheduled break time (minimum): ten days.

Merci de votre fidélité, et à la prochaine.

4 Comments to “Long Time no Break”

  1. Crikey, a makeover. Looks good JR, but a minor quibble…..the green.


  2. Islam belongs in Germany, King Tubby. Anyway, WordPress only provides a certain number of different themes, and this is one of them. If I could change the color, I’d put it more Chinese, say, gold-and-red, for example.


  3. There’s way too many Red-and-gold China blogs out there. Anyway, by rights that’s my colour!

    Love the makeover though. Blogspot sucks (too much spamming of non-spam comments, too many bugs) and I’m planning a move.


  4. Your blog seems to contain lots of Green, too, FOARP. I’d shamelessly use red-and-gold on this theme if it was technically possible.
    As for blogging platforms, WordPress looks recommendable to me. Three years no great trouble here.

    Another plus is that comments can be written right underneath a post, rather than on an extra page. I don’t mind if my words of wisdom don’t appear right after pushing the button, but I guess it doesn’t help discussions when an older comment appears only hours after others have posted more successfully.


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