The Three Educationals: Truthfulness is Everything

The following may not be an easy read, partly because the two articles reproduced here are complicated, and probably also because this blogger‘s mind became complicated as well, while translating. For you to decide if it’s worth slogging through – JR

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“Three Educationals” (三项学习教育) activities are another joint initiative by the central propaganda department (中宣部), the External Propaganda Office (中央外宣办), the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT, 国家广电总局), the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP, 新闻出版总署), the All-China Journalist Association (中华全国新闻工作者协会) and other organs  to develop the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics (中国特色社会主义理论体系), a marxist news perspective (中国特色社会主义理论体系), as well as professionalism and professional ethics (职业精神职业道德) which has, according to a Central People’s Government’s website article of June 4, 2009, been in progress on the news front since 2003. According to the head of one of the Front’s working group, a marxist news perspective is about using a marxist perspective on the news “to lead to the news achieving significant results under practical aspects” (在用马克思主义新闻观指导新闻实践方面取得明显成效). The basic concept of a marxist perspective is that departments of news organizations in every place conscientiously study the concept, plus central leaders’ speeches and policies on news coverage and propaganda, centering around the correct guidance of public opinion (各地各有关部门和新闻单位组织新闻工作者认真学习马克思主义新闻观的基本观点,学习中央领导同志关于新闻宣传工作的重要论述,学习党的新闻工作方针政策,围绕把握正确舆论导向、提高舆论引导能力等主题).

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On April 1, 2011, the All-China Journalist Association’s leading group office held a seminar on the topic of  “eliminating false reports, enhancing social responsibility, and strengthening the building of professional ethics” (杜绝虚假报道、增强社会责任、加强新闻职业道德建设). Guang Ming Net (光明网) and  Beijing News (新京报) amongst others attended. So did other central and local news organizations and journalism schools. Experiences with false reporting were discussed, and it was agreed that truthfulness was everything in news coverage (与会者一致表示,真实是新闻的生命), and further educational programs for improving truthfulness, self-examination abilities and correction, and learning from other media organizations’ experience needed to continue.

Amongst others, All-China Journalists Association party secretary Zhai Huisheng (翟惠生), deputy party secretary Gao Shangang (高善罡), Shaanxi Journalists Association chairman Yin Weizu (尹维祖), Fudan University journalism faculty director Zhang Taofu (张涛甫), News Reporter magazine‘s (新闻记者) editor-in-chief Liu Peng (刘鹏) [page 1], Nan Guo Morning Post (南国早报) society news center’s Meng Xi (蒙曦), CCTV market evaluation department’s Xu Lijun (徐立军) [page 2], Inner Mongolia People’s Broadcasting‘s Xiao Junqing (肖俊青), and China Sports Daily‘s (中国体育报) chief editor Pan Ende (潘恩德) [page 3] attended or spoke at the seminar.



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