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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Read-Only Memory: Potatoes by Myself

My special one knows how to build a greenhouse, or how to assemble complicated pieces of furniture. I’m not good at practical things. But I do know how to plant potatoes.

Nobody in the whole world but me seems to know.

“How many centimeters between the rows?”

Centimeters? No idea. But I can take that narrow blade myself, and draw a narrow track myself, and a second one.

“How much distance between the potatoes?”

I can’t tell. But I can place a few in a row by myself for starters, and let everyone else may copy the sample. There’s that inerrant picture in my head from childhood days, and it guides me across the field. I must have travelled thousands of miles of potato lines in that seemingly remote past.

There’s lots of sports in my adult life, and whenever I can, I will walk a distance, rather than riding it, but I haven’t done a single piece of gardening for decades. And I have no idea about how to attend to the crop later on. We’ll need to ask a knowledgeable neighbor. But the picture of a decent potato field has never left me.

Memory is a powerful thing, and rediscovering that brings back a unique pleasure of design.

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