Football Olympic Qualifier: Taiwan 0 – 2 Jordan

Jordan scored off two free kicks in the 27th and 88th minute to win the game, and finished with an aggregate 3-0 in two qualifiers,

Focus Taiwan reported yesterday, in a surprisingly detailed article on last night’s Olympic qualifier in Taipei. Taiwan had lost 0 – 1 on the first leg, in Jordan. Just as then, the Jordanian team was clearly doing better than Taiwan’s.

One of the fans at the game, American Sophie Chao, said one of her friends started a Facebook page two weeks ago to promote the Taiwan-Jordan match.
Chao, who has been in Taiwan for six months studying Mandarin, said about 70 expatriates had attended the game after learning about it on the Internet and they tried to bring some excitement to the event.


[March 11, 2011: Photos on Facebook by taiwanreporter]

2 Comments to “Football Olympic Qualifier: Taiwan 0 – 2 Jordan”

  1. Why is NBA so popular in China – biggest marketting campaign in the world, plus lack of public space for football fields.

    Soccer is the perfect match for the Mainland, but I’m not so sure that it would be welcomed by the powers that be. Mainland male soccer is beyond a joke, and their fan base is mercurial to say the least. On more than one occasion, they have expressed their desire to lynch the coach, the governing board and sundry players.

    In fact, things got so bad about 6 months ago, that the Ministry of Truth advised editors to stop the with negative football editorials, okay.

    Just imagine a big match between the (losing) national team and say Japan, France or the US. It could easily spiral into high quality violence. Just what the doctor ordered in the present law and order climate.

    And JR. Come on. Fess up. Who do you support?


  2. Fess up. Who do you support?
    Where can I choose from?


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