JR’s Searchword Service: BBC Globescan 2011

It’s Germany (1), Britain (2). Views of Brazil, South Africa, and the US are improving. The EU is viewed very positively, while proportions of negative views continued to be low and stable at 18 per cent. China is viewed more positively than South Africa and India, and more positively than in 2010, but its image has worsened in Russia. Russia’s own image has improved. Israel is still viewed mostly negative, but less so than in past years – it’s no longer among the three most negatively viewed countries.


The BBC-Globescan Opinion Poll 2009, February 6, 2009
Taiwan Executions: the EU’s Raving Hypocrisy, Michael Turton, March 6, 2011

5 Responses to “JR’s Searchword Service: BBC Globescan 2011”

  1. God damn it. We were cruising towards victory in extra-time when a dodgy decision (Russian linesman) gave Germany a goal. Penalties, of course, resulted in the usual nail-biter, with our lads in white crubbling yet again under the pressure . . . they think it’s all over . . . it is now!


  2. FOARP: I could care less about that ranking, which doesn’t ask or state reasons for how the individual countries fare, anyway. But experience from the previous two years tells me that a reference to the Globescan opinion poll in a short blogpost has the potential to double or even triple traffic. Just look at the “top posts” to the right of this commenting thread…


  3. @JR – Until they bring in video-replays I refuse to read any more England-Germany opinion-pole posts.


  4. FOARP, you are a sore loser, aren’t you? Besides, who knows our countries are so much liked for – could it be for their firm adherence to a one-China policy? Do you really want the UK to move to the ultimate top? Sure?



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