Sincere Thanks: You name the Problem, the CCP solves it

He's just like a family elder.

Thanks to the family elder

Beijing Daily (BJRB, 北京日报), via Enorth (Tianjin), February 15, 2011:

Yesterday at 16.30, disabled Li Nan (李楠) hurried home and didn’t even take her coat off, and the first thing she did was to browse the internet. She had heard that chief state councillor Wen Jiabao had already issued instructions, after she had written a letter to him.

She told journalists that she had written the letter gradually, which took three months. “I felt confident as I wrote the letter, given chief councillor Wen’s good personality”. She had written the letter after a suggestion she had made during a forum had been implemented speedily.

Li had been very touched by Wen Jiabao‘s (温家宝) personality, and had therefore, free of stagefright, spoken her genuine thoughts and recommendations. Wen had been just as nice as he always came across on television, like a family elder, and all her nervousness had left her, BJRB quotes Li.

Li Nan graduated from Beijing Youth Political College, stayed on to teach after graduation, and served there as a local cadre, and then as Communist Youth League group secretary. In a car accident on January 17, 2003, her spinal cord was irreversibly injured. She received 2,000 Yuan RMB monthly as a subsidy for coping with her condition. She therefore had to depend on her parents’ pensions. Her suggestion to Wen [at the forum] was that articles such as disposable diapers should be included into the catalog of medical articles for patients who had suffered work-related accidents, or a directory of auxiliary accessories.

Wen gave a short reply to her suggestion during the forum. On March 5, 2010, he stated at the National People’s Congress that each of the 1.3 million [disabled] people affected by work accidents should be included into  the work injury insurance’s scope.

The article describes how Beijing human resources and social insurance offices had started implementing the instructions by June 1. *) By September 2010, the regulations had been implemented.

“That suggestions made by an ordinary disabled person would be implemented so quickly really impressed me, and I felt that I should write to the chief state councillor”, Nan said.

Writing the letter took three months. The drafts contained up to 4,000 characters, but in the end, were reduced to 2,000. “There were too many things I wanted to tell the chief state councillor”, Li said. […] “Besides wanting to tell him that, in Beijing, his instructions had already been implemented, I wanted to relate my health situation, my feelings, and my work in the field of people with disabilities this year.” She then deleted her remarks about her own spiritual development as a handicapped person again, and added other practical problems faced by handicapped people, given that the chief state councillor is so  busy with his work. But once she had finished the letter in December, she found another problem. How to get the letter conveyed to the chief state councillor?

During a  reception by a China Disabled Persons’ Federation leader on January 20, Li gave him her letter, and with the federation leader’s help, it was conveyed to the chief state councillor.

Once again, writes BJRB, Wen Jiabao approved of her suggestions, which was a great encouragement to Li’s work. Also, the paper quotes Li, grassroot organizations had by now been widely established to help channelling the needs of persons with disabilities.

“Our requests are taken seriously by more and more departments, which inspires and warms us”, said Li Nan. “I want to express my sincere gratitude to the party, the government, and the people!”


*) I can’t tell if these implementations mean to refer to all work-related incidents in China, but the article seems to suggest that, as for Beijing, both the Human Resource office and the more general social insurance office are mentioned.


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  1. What an uplifting ‘news report’. The happiness and warmth it gives off even infuses my humble palace many li across the ocean, and added to my spiritual development.

    Is there any other way of responding?



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