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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Egyptian Revolution, seen from Commencement Bay

If you are looking for stories and links this morning, try Adam Cathcart‘s post On the Events in Egypt first. There’s a good collection of links, including one to a French source (which seems to be sort of becoming for a story like this one, of course), it contains some observations about Chinese coverage on the topic, without drawing conclusions which would appear to be somewhat far-fetched, and all this is tied together by a Tacoma sunrise, near the waters called Commencement Bay.

Al Ahram, "the 25 January Revolution", Special Issue

Al Ahram, "the 25 January Revolution", Special Issue

And to read some coverage and opinion from the new land of hope and glory itself, you might try Al-Ahram, which was, over the past decades, usually referred to as semi-official in our press reviews. You might start with Hani Shukrallah‘s to-do list, which may, of course, only be one list out of many.

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